WiFi is a marketing channel which can be used to display video ads. A customer needs to watch a video ad on his/her device to get WiFi access. In order to display the most appropriate video advertisement, the system can be adjusted so that a customer logs in via his/her social network account or creates a personal account, whereas the available information on sex, date of birth have been taken into consideration. Having seen the video advertisement, a customer is offered to connect to the Internet and visit the web page with a special offer. Thus you boost customer engagement to maximize the effectiveness

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Increase the WiFi quality in your facility by creating a separate guest WiFi network

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Restaurant WiFi

Cloud WiFi software for your next-level Restaurant WiFi

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Social WIFI

Leverage free Wifi to connect with customers, grow your social network and sell more

Top Cloud WiFi Features

Lift your user experience to the next level using an intelligent WiFi software systemSplash Pages Social WiFi WiFi Marketing Video & Image Ads Email Campaigns Cloud Managed WiFi Seamless WiFi Roaming Vouchers, User/Pass Free Access, OTP Hotel PMS Integration Internet Plans Limits Customer Surveys User Profiles (GDPR) FB Like & Share

Online WiFi Manager system for your next-level guest WiFi

Increase the quality of life for citizens and city visitors and engage them with WiFi video ads

Cloud-based WiFi user management system, tailor-made to manage your guest WiFi network

Cloud APs

High-performance professional hardware at the cost of home APs Professional APs running Start Hotspot Cloud WiFi software helps you easily build your WiFi networks